Our Rooms and Menu


MonteCATsino offers three wings with a total of 30 separate, air-conditioned rooms to cater to each cat’s needs.

While we provide bedding, it’s recommended that you bring a blanket from home to help your furry friend feel more comfortable in a new environment.

Kitties in our care are fed premium cat kibbles, usually Hills or Royal Canin, along with wet food treats. Any other dietary requirements must be provided by the owner.

CATTERY WING 1Bohemian CATsody

We’ve renovated the farm’s original cow shed to create a paradise for cats.

This refurbished building now houses 13 enclosures or individual rooms. Each room is equipped with a specially designed cat box, stairs, toys, a litter tray and plenty of natural light. Four of the rooms include an outside area with scratching posts and interesting things to climb.

The “cow shed” also offers a family room for larger groups of cats.


CATTERY WING 2Mrs Meow's Cottage

Our second wing offers five spacious rooms with both indoor and outside areas. Each room is equipped with a cute cat box, stairs, toys, a litter tray and heating, if needed.

Wing Two’s rooms come with spacious adjoining outside areas so your feline friend can spend their day’s lounging in the sun.

CATTERY WING 3Khatleesi's Games Castle

Our newest wing has been designed by an architect and mirrors the style of Montecasino in Johannesburg.  It offers 12 exclusive rooms for the more discerning feline and has a CCTV camera installed in the one enclosure.

Each room represents a house from George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones. It’s decorated with a beautiful chandelier and opulent, cat-sized Persian rug. These rooms also include a specially-built cat box, stairs, a scratch post and a litter box.

Glass windows open onto an outside enclosure with synthetic grass for afternoon naps or fresh air.

53 Owl Street East, Joostenbergvlakte
Reception: 021 988 8348
Mobile: 082 814 7499